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2nd Written Assessment
Choose a renowned failed project. Ascertain that this is a project failure not the failure of a business. Describe the selected project and analyse the losses incurred by the project. Examine the concrete reasons for the selected project’s failure and propose alternative solutions / recommendations which are underpinned by supporting evidence. Students will be expected to utilise project management theories throughout their assignment and include diagrams, tables, charts and graphs to illustrate their answers. Please note; This assessment must be in an essay format and approximately 2,500 words in length. All students need to clear their selection of failed projects with the lecturer.
Assessment Marking Rubric
Grade and Marks
High Distinction (HD) -85% and above
Distinction (D) -75% - 84%
Credit (C) -
Excellent understanding of all the concepts; very clear explanations with relevant examples to substantiate the arguments. Systematic and logical flow of reasoning; use of appropriate diagrams and numerical examples where relevant; excellent display of knowledge and its applicability.
Sound understanding of all the concepts; dear explanations with ^mptes to substantiate the arguments. Good flow of reasoning: use of appropnae numerical examples fairly; good dispiay of know.edge and its
applicability. ___ _ —
Reasonable understanding ofjhe now ^‘reasoning.

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