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Please follow the outline for the question answers and for question 1 to 3 write 500 words for each including a,b, c and try to answer according to the marks on the side, for the other 2 questions No 4 and 5 show the calculations and workings manually not using excel. for the answers use the materials I've provided and use reference for each answer and in ACU harvard style. You will also need the book as it's an open book exam . The name of the book is Financial Planning in Australia ,Advice and Wealth Management 8th/9th edition, Sharon Taylor,Roger Juchau. Please try to give it to someone who has done financial planning and knows about advising the clients. I'm putting the suggestions that I got from my lecturer. Please follow this.
you could also have a look at the Royal Commission (Hayne Commission) final report -
(Try looking at what he says in recommendation 2.3 and understanding this - all related to Best Interests Duty and S961B of the Corporations Act - the texbook - it would be the chapter on the client planner relationship, regulation and ethics - also covered in tutorials and on LEO).
Understand the FASEA code of ethics and be able to apply the code of ethics - i.e. not just tell me a standard applies, but why it applies. You can go to the FASEA website and look at the guidance documents they release as they give you information on how you can apply the standards/how they expect you to apply the standards.
You will also need to have an idea of how to apply economic principles/policies.
Please go through the tutorials on insurance so you can do a needs calculation as well as social security/Centrelink calculations - we did this with James taking the lead, and there is a worked example in the textbook.
Remember, you need to apply your learning to what you are doing, not simply study the textbook for the answer - the final exam has been written in such a way that you will need to look this information up. **please follow them.** I want this assignment on sharp 9th november so that I have time to change if I need to.
I have done few assessment from you guys and I didnt get marks on any of it which should be done as im paying for it and the outcome is really bad, im attaching my last assignment marks and comments, I have asked you guys to hand it someone is good in stat but still got bad marks, in this unit i need a good marks to pass. please do not do this for this assignment. Thank you.

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