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Assessment 4 - Reflective Practice (15%)
Accessing your gradCAP workbook
1. Whilst in your Blackboard site for ENS5543, from the menu on the left select Professional Skill Development – PebblePad
2. There are 2 ways to access your assets. Either open your Asset Store (Main Menu Asset Store) or click on the assests in your store.
3. You should then be able to select the gradCAP workbook: Engineering V3.

Using the gradCAP workbook for Assessment Task 4
In order to complete this assessment in the gradCAP workbook, you need to complete the following:
1. Critical reflection on contemporary business issues
2. Teamwork evidence and reflection
o Evidence of team involvement and personal effectiveness
o Reflection on effective teamwork
1. Critical reflection on contemporary business issues
1. Choose the ‘My Competencies’ tab at the top of your screen and select EA Competencies Knowledge and Skills Competency 1.5
Competency 1.5: Knowledge of contextual factors impacting the engineering discipline.
On the page there is a section related to Assessment 4 for ENS5543:

2. In the text box under ‘ENS5543: Critically reflect on contemporary business issues and the impact they may have for you as an emerging and developing Engineer.’ enter your response.
You do not need to complete your response before you share it with your lecturer/tutor. It is important to share your workbook with ENS5543 as soon as you start working on your response. See resource Accessing and Sharing your gradCAP workbook page 3
You only need to share your workbook ONCE in a unit.
Once you have shared your workbook with Altas, your lecturer/tutors for that unit will be able to view your work live, this means that you can continue to edit the response right up to the assignment due date and you can receive feedback as appropriate.

2. Teamwork evidence and reflection
1. Teamwork evidence: Choose the ‘My Competencies’ tab at the top of your screen and select EA Competencies Professional and Personal Attributes Competency 3.6
Competency 3.6: Effective team membership and team leadership.
Click on the arrow to the right of the rosette icon to expand the box and select add assets in order to upload the 2 pieces of evidence.
Select add assets and then Upload new in order to upload your documents.
Once you have uploaded both documents, select
This item is now fully evidenced
2. Teamwork reflection: Choose the ‘My Competencies’ tab at the top of your screen and select EA Competencies Professional and Personal Attributes Competency 3.6
In the text box under ‘ENS5543: Reflection on Teamwork.’ enter your response.

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