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1200 word
ASSESSMENT TASK 3 (in two parts) uncc100
creative task and written reflection; assessment of application skills in relation to LO1 and LO2: following the generation of a creative work, students will produce a written paper in which they reflect on the creation of the work and the ways in which the piece produced articulates the connection between the themes of the ACU Book of the Year and principles of Catholic Social Thought.
1. Create a piece of work that relates themes from the Book of the Year, This is my Song (for example,
racism, persecution, trauma, hope etc.) to the CST principles. This may include particular ideas, events,
characters or a community in the book. Examples of a creative work might be
• a diary entry;
• a letter (to one of the central characters or to a community or to a government);
• a short story;
• a poem;
• a piece of art;
• a song (this is your song!)
(up to 300 words or the equivalent of 1-2 pages long if it is a work of art)
2. Then write a personal reflection on the work that you have created, explaining the relationship
between your created work, the Book of the Year and at least 2 or 3 principles of Catholic Social Thought
(900 words).
Students who do not have a copy of the novel may focus on one or more of these excerpts, which highlight
key themes from the novel (available through the reading list): pp.30-33 pp. 34-37; pp. 38-39; pp.77-79;
pp.99-101; pp118-121; pp.216-217).
Readings for this assessment:
The book, “This is my Song” is fundamental reading for this assessment; so too are the readings of the unit
available to you via LEO. You may include wider or further reading if you wish. Please note that you are not
required to read outside of the novel and reading lists in the unit in order to achieve a high distinction in this
assessment task.
General Instructions:
• The reflection should clearly explain to readers what the relationship is between your created work,
the novel and at least 2 or 3 principles of Catholic Social Thought.
• Please see the marking rubric at the end of the Unit Outline
• The idea is to express your thoughts clearly and concisely and make your reflection as clear,
accurate (in terms of your understanding of the principles) and coherent as you can.
• The reflection does require correct and full referencing.
• References and in-text citations do not count in the word limit.
• See referencing guidelines on the UNCC100 LEO page (You can find it under