Recent Question/Assignment

In a 3-5 page essay using the following articles in Eric Foner's Voices of Freedom, Vol II & Prof. Heningburg's Readings in US History compare and contrast the expectation of the freedmen with the reality the white men wanted to maintain.  This is not a recitation, a mere relation of facts. It is an analysis of the primary source documents listed below. Make sure that you properly document all of your assertions and conclusions.
I Petition of Black Residents of Nashville (1865) in Voices of Freedom Vol II, p.1.
II Petition of Committee on Behalf of the Freedmen to Andrew Johnson (1865) in Voices of Freedom Vol II, p. 4.
III Black Codes (1865), in Readings in US History, p.219-227.
IV Robert B. Elliott on Civil Rights (1874), in Voices of Freedom Vol II, p. 24.