Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: Reform Education System by Implementing BIG DATA
Total word count: (2750 words)
• Please try to cover all the contents from Abstract to Literature review subtopics ( until “v. Innovative platform through bigdata approaches”)
• PPT is attached for reference.
1. Abstract - (250 words)
2. Introduction – general (1000 words)
2.1. Background- Bigdata and Education should address separately
2.2. Objectives-
2.3. Research Problems ( Please refer PPT that is attached. Try to write with those points.)
2.4. Research Questions ( No need to answer them. Just mention the questions. Refer from PPT and rewrite.)
2.5 Significance
3. Literature Review (1500 words)
i. About Reform Education System by Implementing BIG DATA
ii. Advantages of Big data in education.
iii. Implementing Big Data in Education.
iv. Challenges of Implementing Big Data in Education ( Shouldn’t be same as Research Problems.)
v. Innovative platform through bigdata approaches
4. Methodology (1250)
i. Research Paradigm.
i.i. Research Approach
ii. Research Design
iii. Data and Sampling
iv. Research Instrument
v. Content validity.
vi. Data Collection tools
vii. Ethical Consideration
5. Analysis (750)
6. Conclusion (200 Words)
35 overall.