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Newcastle Business School
Trimester 3, 2020 (Newcastle City)
GSBS6001: Managing Under Uncertainty
This assessment is for ALL students.
Due Date: Friday, Week 9 by 11:59pm
Weighting 30%
Length 1,500 Words
Submission Method Turnitin
Assessment Criteria Marking Rubric (Uploaded on Blackboard)
Feedback Provided Face to face, Live Stream, Discussion forum, Turnitin
Alignment to Course Learning Outcomes:
1. Apply skills in locating, selecting, referencing and interpreting appropriate academic sources to produce an annotated bibliography and essay.
2. Evaluate theories of decision making.
Assessment type: Written Assignment
Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to develop argumentation skills through essay writing. Students are required to build on their Annotated Bibliography to develop a proposition on which to base an argumentative essay.
Instruction: Within the broad theme of RATIONALITY versus RISK PERCEPTION in managerial decision making under a crisis/disaster or pandemic, you are to develop a specific proposition (statement) about which you write an argumentative essay providing evidence for, against and around the proposition. Examples of a propositions:
• Rational decision-making exists only in a world of certainty.
• Ethical decision making is not applicable in uncertain business environments.
Note: While students are encouraged to use the latest publications in their fields of interest, there is no limit on the number, or date of publication, for articles considered for the argumentative essay.
Students are encouraged to post a draft of their argumentative essay in the discussion forum (Inquiries and Discussions – Assessment 1 Argumentative Essay) for feedback prior to submitting their assignment to Turnitin for grading.
Further details are available in the assessment folder in Blackboard.
End of Assessment