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HLT150 Task 3
Advocacy Exercise
The goal of this task is to address an equity issue impacting Indigenous health and wellbeing in Australia.
• This is a group task. You will form groups of three (3) in the Week 8 Workshop.
• You will prepare and submit:
o A ten (10) minute video presentation to advocate for equity completed by your group.
o An accompanying tweet for twitter (media release).
o A peer review of your group members based on their contribution to the task.
o A reference list.
Video instructions
The purpose of your video is to use the knowledge you have developed as a USC Student in HLT150 to present information on an equity issue relevant to Indigenous Australian health and wellbeing to a specific audience of listeners.
Please refer to instructions below for considering content of the video.
• Choose whether you will develop a video suitable for a university student audience or health professional audience.
• Your video will present on an equity issue relevant to Indigenous Australian health and wellbeing. Please refer to instructions below for developing the content of the video.
• Your video should be 10 minutes in length
• All group members must be included in the audio recording of the video.
• It is recommended you record your video using the Powerpoint template provided in this Assessment Task folder (Available on Blackboard from Week 3). There are technical instructions provided to support you to use Powerpoint to record your video.
• Once you have recorded the video, you must convert it into a YouTube clip. Technical instructions are provided to support you to convert your Powerpoint file containing the Video to a YouTube clip. (Available on Blackboard from Week 3)
• Ensure the YouTube URL is set as “Unlisted”
• Copy and Paste the YouTube URL into the template provided “HLT150 Task 3 Template”
• You will also include a script for the video in the “HLT150 Task 3 Template”, with in-text references included.
• You will play your audio video in the Week 12 workshop and respond to questions from your Tutor and peers.
Content of the Video
• Introduce yourselves (your area of study) to the audience and introduce the topic you will be discussing.
• Provide your audience with an overview of the equity issue
• Inform your audience about why it is important to be aware of the equity issue
o Consider using data to describe the issue
• Inform your audience about how the equity issue relates to social justice and human rights
o Refer to your course materials and readings
o Use evidence to support your claims
• Inform your audience of the equity issue from a strengths-based approach. You can do this by discussing protective factors.
o Refer to your course materials and readings
• Throughout the video your content should demonstrate the knowledge you have acquired throughout the course of cultural protocols and terminology
o Refer to your course materials and readings
There is a minimum of ten (10) references required for this assignment. Please use Vancouver style of referencing for your in-text citations and reference list.
In-text citations need to be provided in your video script. A full reference list needs to be provided. Please see “HLT150 Task 3 Template”.
In this assignment you are assessed on your contribution to group work. Please review the “Task 3 template”.
• Review the “Task 3 Template” prior to commencing this task (Available from Week 3)
• Please refer to and integrate your Course Readings when completing this task.
• Please refer to social justice advocacy principles from your Course Readings to guide your task.
• Download information about how to record your Powerpoint here: RECORDING INSTRUCTIONS (Available from Week 3)
• Download information about how to convert your Powerpoint to a YouTube here: YOUTUBE INSTRUCTIONS (Available from Week 3)
• Access the link providing resources to creating tweets in Public Health: