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Assessment 2: Personal Reflection
Value 20%
Length 1200 words (±10%, excluding end-text reference list)
Format Written with 1½ line spacing, Times New Roman size 12 font, and APA 6th Edition
style referencing.
Due Date & Time How to Submit
Unit Learning Outcomes
Course Learning Outcomes
Sunday 25 October (before midnight)
Electronically, via Blackboard Assessments Turnitin link
• Appraise learning opportunities that address leadership development needs for professional growth.
• Communicate leadership knowledge and concepts in a clear and persuasive manner.
CLO6: Reflect on feedback and critique one’s own performance in order to identify and plan opportunities for development.
Before starting this assessment, you should familiarise yourself with the self-awareness building exercises and reflection models.
a) Identify two (2) of your foremost instrumental values and discuss how they contribute to your leadership. (½ of the marks)
b) Identify your one (1) greatest weakness and discuss how you can use one (1) of the reflection tools to overcome this limitation and improve your leadership. (½ of the marks)
Note: An introduction and conclusion will NOT be required for the Personal Reflection.
To perform satisfactorily in this assignment, consider the following:
• All aspects of the question are addressed in depth.
• The reflection is thoughtful, logical, and shows insight into the subject.
• Relevant materials from this unit are applied effectively.
• Refers to specific incidents / behaviours and avoids vague generalisations.
MAN3121 | Page 10
• All aspects of the work conform to a high academic / professional standard.
• Clearly written, using the first person.
Please refer to the marking rubric on Blackboard for this assessment to see criteria and performance expectations.
Feedback will be available electronically via Blackboard My Grades.

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