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Assessment item 2
Assessment 2 - Written Financial Report (Individual)
Date due: Week 7 with a draft due in Week 5
Weighting: 30%
Word length 1,500 words
An individual report on a contemporary issue which would require a level of critical analysis.
Student have the opportunity to submit a draft of their assignment for feedback in week 5
The task:
1. Identify an area related to the strategic role of management accounting or the importance of the Australian Accounting Standards or a topic related to financial statements including budgeting and working capital issues that interests you in some way;
2. Prepare a draft narrative or outline of your topic including an annotated bibliography (for submission and feedback in Week 5), paying special attention to referencing;
3. Finalise your report, organize your arguments and evidence, and develop a narrative structure.
Your report should demonstrate:
• Appreciation of a contemporary financial issue;
• Identification, evaluation, and proper use of recognized authorities and other information resources, referenced appropriately;
• Sound structure, supportive design elements, and engaging narrative flow.