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Question 6 - Week 11 (11 marks)
Consider each of the following independent situations which have come to your attention. In each of the following independent and material situations assume that the client is a reporting entity and that a general-purpose financial report has been prepared and audited:
Event 1: Part of Steel Limited's operations are in South America. Recent changes of government have made it impossible for you to verify the key accounts of inventory, fixed assets and cash and related income statement balances. (2.5 marks) (50 -80 words)
Event 2: The management of Surf Limited's has refused to disclose a few, director related transactions on the grounds of commercial confidentiality. The financial controller reminds you that no other errors have been found in the financial report and states that the transactions are immaterial and therefore irrelevant to the users of the financial report. (2.5 marks) (50 -80 words)
Event 3: The annual report of Ranger Limited includes a detailed graph showing revenue for the last 10 years. You note that there are some inconsistencies between the graph and the figures in the audited financial report. Management does not want to change the graph because it would involve increased printing costs. (3 marks) (50 -80 words)
Event 4: Upon review of the recent history of their specialised mining equipment Minco Limited changed the service lives for depreciation purposes on this equipment from five years to three years. This change resulted in a material amount of additional depreciation. (3 marks) (50 -80 words)
Required: For all the above separate circumstances, identify the type of audit opinion that should be issued and justify your response. Write your answer in the formatted following the table below:
Client Audit opinion Justification