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See Requirments of Assignment below:
1. Articulate your growth strategy (approx. 250 words): How will you leverage your core competencies to achieve continued growth – for example: How are your core competencies relevant and valuable to your new market(s)?
2. Corporate-level strategy: Diversification (approx. 500 words): Determine the correct level and type of diversification. Justify. What are your reasons for diversifying?
3. Corporate-level strategy: Strategy formulation (approx. 500 words): Consider mergers and acquisitions, international strategy, and cooperative strategy. Which corporate-level strategy will you employ to diversify? Justify.
4. Strategic and financial controls (approx. 250 words): Design a balanced scorecard to evaluate your organisation’s performance. Which criteria should you take into consideration to ensure strategic competitiveness?
5. Concept map (500 word equivalent), see below and reflection (approx. 500 words).
Attached is a file of the template in which I have already completed the first question, a helpful email as to how to structure this assignment and my assignment 2 to assist with the concept map as displayed ion the final component. The email describes why and how this should be incorporated.

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