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Task 3 Leadership of infection risk management HLTH-7004
Your presentation should include:
• Critically analyse potential threat and develop an outbreak plan that demonstrates effective leadership and communication strategies.
• Consider the following areas in your outbreak plan:
1. Project management,
2. Systems thinking,
3. Organizational culture and safety
• Discuss relevant evidence-based national and international standards and guidelines that would guide the implementation of the outbreak plan. Guidelines should be on infection risk management
• Discuss an evaluation strategy that would be used to monitor the effectiveness of the outbreak plan to promote positive population health outcomes.
Ebola outbreak in 2014-2015 management plan
Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone
High infection risk in health care workers
Slide 1: introduction
Slide2: potential threat (why how when)
Slide 3: critically analyze your potential threat
Slide 4: Outbreak management plan (develop your own outbreak management plan)
Regulation and availability of resources and communicate trained people infection risk guilde lines
Plan can be words document or info graphic on slide
Slide 5: project management
slide6: Outbreak management plan systems thinking
slide7: organizational culture and safety
slide8 : National and International