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Please I will need my assignment ready before Sunday morning.
You can easily show people what youre talking about (using photos, checklists, maps or reports); and
You have a record of the condition of the environment you are auditing, and can note changes overtime.
Here are some of the resources to help you get more Knowledge about Walkability Audit:
YouTube Video - What is Walkability Audit:
An example of Walkability Audit:,yaYQ
Web resource: http://www.victoriawall,gu/How to assess walkability/
i. Using Heart Foundations Checklist for Neighbourhood Walkability (Available
at: conduct a walkability audit of your neighbourhood and fill the checklist. Scan or take picture of the filled checklist (all pages) to submit with your assignment. Also, take some pictures during your walkability audit for later reflections. (4 marks)
Hint: If you do not know how to scan a document or if you do not have access to a scanner, you can use your mobile phone to scan your checklist. A simple google search will show you many results. Here are some videos that I found.
Scanning documents from Android phone: Scanning documents from iphone: -how-to-scan-documents-notes-app/
Or you can take photos of each checklist page (see hint in next part)
ii. Prepare some evidence-based recommendations and suggestions for improvements following your audit. You are encouraged to provide photographs of your neighbourhood conditions that supplement your checklist (e.g. broken side walk or absence of properly marked cycle ways etc.). (3 marks)
Word Limit: 350 words
Hint: If you do not know how to add pictures in your word document, you can see it here: Wiki how Link: https;// YouTube Video Link: httDS://
Assignment 1 Part B - Rubric
PUBH6301 Assignment 1 PartB Rnhrir
Part B: Short Question Answers
Question 1:
Name and describe one upstream, one ’midstream and one ’downstream’ chronic disease control policy / strategy /initiative for each of the main risk factors we have covered (smoking, nutrition, physical activity). (6 marks)
Word Limit: 450 words
Question 2:
Read the below article by Stewart et al (a copy of the article is on blackboard, or you can find it if you type it into google scholar). The article describes the outcomes of an intervention targeted to promote physical activity. It is also one of the articles described in the Cochrane review -Interventions for promoting physical activity- that was described in the week 4 module online participation section. (6 marks)
i. Was this intervention effective in achieving the study aims? Justify your response (2 marks)
ii. What were the strengths of this study? (2 marks)
Hi. Describe two limitations to this study, and briefly describe how you would overcome these? Hint: consider the methodological approach the authors took (2 marks)
Article: Stewart AL, Verboncoeur CL McLellan BY, Gillis DE, Rush S, Mills KM, King AC, Ritter P, Brown Jr BW, Bortz WM. Physical activity outcomes of CHAMPS II: a physical activity promotion program for older adults. The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences. 2001 Aug l;56f8):M465-70.
Word Limit: 350 words
Question 3:
From the three scenarios given below, choose 1 scenario- For your chosen scenario, describe: (6 marks)
Why improving the target behaviour is important (2 marks)
ii. How you would measure the target behaviour? (2 marks)
iii. What would you classify improvement in that behaviour as? (2 marks)
Word Limit: 350 words
Scenario 1
An intervention to improve the proportion of general practitioners providing weight management services to their patients. General practitioners will be provided education about different weight management programs for different population groups, including why it is important, and also about medications, exercises and behavioural assistance for obesity and weight control available to their patients.
Scenario 2
An intervention aimed at reducing smoking among university students. The researchers will give out free educational materials to all students, including different pharmacological, behavioral and alternative therapies available . Signs will be displayed outside the doors, inside and outside the buildings and rooms to encourage students. The university has agreed to encourage students to adopt some alternative healthy habits such as exercising which have been proven to help in smoking cessation.
Scenario 3
An intervention aimed at improving the diets of primary school aged children [aged 5-12 years] at one school in NSW. Children will be provided year appropriate education about healthy eating. School teaching staff and canteen staff will receive education on the recommended dietary guidelines, and the school newsletter will run an item about these guidelines for parents to read. The research team will host a healthy breakfast club before school on two days of the school week where children can enjoy a healthy breakfast for free.
Walkability Audit (7 marks)
Walking is good for our health, good for environment, good for community, good for the economy and good for our kids. A walking audit is a simple and systematic way for you to assess your neighbourhoods walkability.
Doing a walking audit is useful because:
You can identify the things that are working, and the things that need improvement;
Question 4: