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Assessment 3: Individual Essay
Due date Week 12, Friday 12:00pm
Weighting 50%
Type Individual essay
Length Maximum of 2000 words excluding references
Requirements Covid 19 and de-globalisation have disrupted global supply-chains. Choose one international business which operates globally (confirm choice with lecturer for approval) and prepare a report for the company which advises them of how to organise successfully for continued competitive success.
The level of analysis for this report is at the firm level.
You might discuss:
1. Former sources of competitive advantage
2. How foreign producers and consumers perceptions of the firm be affected by de-globalisation, covid-19 or other relevant issues;
3. How suppliers might change their strategies;
4. How organise production - issues could include re-shoring, increased automation, new alliances, diversification, market exit or divestment
5. Future sources of competitive advantage
There are other impacts you might wish to discuss and I would like to see you link your analysis back to the ideas and concepts covered in the paper.
This assessment must follow the academic integrity guidelines stated in the
Business Programmes Assessment and Study Handbook or the Law Programmes Assessment and Study Handbook and use the required referencing style.
learning goals 1. Be self-aware, critically reflective and ethical international business professionals
2. Be effective thinkers and problem solvers
3. Be effective communicators (written and oral)
4. Be able to apply international business to issues in professional international business practice
Paper learning outcomes 1. Critically reflect on and discuss the changing nature of the world economy and its implications for international business activity.
3. Analyse the evolution of global value chains and international business strategies and how these have responded to changing conditions.
4. Critically reflect on and discuss the growth of externalised international business activity including outsourcing, offshoring, contract manufacturing and the rise of the global factory.