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OMGT1082- Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management Assignment 3 (Individual): 40% weight
You will be assigned a case on week 12 to analyse the case and write a report based on the questions provided under the assessment task details in Canvas. The report should be submitted via Canvas by the due date.
Marking Criteria
The report will be evaluated based on the following outline:
1. Executive summary (brief) (2.5 marks)
In this section, provide the overview of the purpose of the report, findings and recommendations
2. Introduction (brief) (2.5 marks)
In this section, clearly demonstrate case brief, the purpose of the report, key terms/issues you are going to discuss and the report structure.
3. Case analysis questions/discussion (30 marks)
In this section, identify issues in the light of the questions asked in case and discuss the situation by referring to relevant knowledge area (covered in class) by use of relevant references.
4. Conclusion/Recommendation (2.5 marks)
In this section, ‘wrap up’ the report. Discuss the lessons learnt from this report and suggest any limitations of this research report.
5. Clarity of writing and overall presentation (2.5 marks)
Overall presentation (all topics are clearly explained, easy to follow/clarity of language, coverage and completeness, page numbers, table of contents), use of references and citation, conciseness.
Word limit: 2000+10% words (excluding references, title page, table of contents) Assignment submission due date: 28th October 2020; 23:59 AEST. Report submission: Submit individual report via Canvas.
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