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Reflect on your experience of working in a group on Assignment 2. Reflection is not a description of events, but analysis of specific situations that are meaningful to you (e.g., virtual collaboration, conflict management, group leadership, decision-making, things you enjoyed or did not enjoy) so you can explore them and learn from them for the next time you take part in a group work. Use concepts and theories from Topic 6: Groups & Teams to analyse your group work experience. Reflection facilitates deep learning through the use of both, theory and personal experience.
This assignment should be written in the first person as it is based on your personal experience.
The structure of the reflection should follow the three steps:
1. Identify an aspect of your group work experience in Assignment 2 and discuss it briefly (include your thoughts, emotions, and/or assumptions that affected your participation in the group, or that were triggered by the specific situation you are reflecting on).
2. Explore the experience in depth by analysing it and using 4 relevant OB concepts/theories from Topic 6.
3. Explain what you have learned about yourself and the group work as a result of this reflection exercise.
A few questions that can provide further inspiration on the choice of the group work experience for the reflection:
• What group maintenance challenges/advantages did you experience when working in a group? For example, how did the group interact? How were group's emotions or concerns voiced and managed?
• What task performance challenges/advantages did you experience when working in a group? For example, how did the group discuss and work through the task? What were the group discussions like? Were they regular, focused and relevant to the task? How did decision-making and leadership affect the group’s task performance? What about the contributions of group members to the group goals?
• This is a free form assignment. No specific structure is advised but you must use appropriate headings for each of the three steps guiding your reflection. Using appropriate headings will increase the readability of the paper.
Use at least 4 recent scholarly references to support your discussion.
Assessment 3 is based on topic 6.

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