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Description/Focus: Principles of Primary Health Care
Value: 50%
Due date: Week 10 Sunday, 4th October 2020 @ 2359 (ACST)
Length: 1500 words
Task: Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health (WHO, 1986). Choose one r conditions listed below and discuss the role of the nurse in the .^e major strategies for health promotion identified in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (WHO, Health and Welfare Canada & CPHA, 1986). See page 21 of Clendon and Munns (2019).
Choose one of the following conditions ...
• Diabetes Mellitus
• Influenza
• Rheumatic Heart Disease
Preparation: Read the task carefully and identify the key areas you need to address.
Revise lectures and readings. Revise CDU Governance Documents under ‘Unit Information’. When writing your essay ensure that you refer to the documents listed below as this is what your markers will be using:
° The marking criteria/rubric
° The CDU APA referencing guide
Please click below to explore the differences and similarities between essays and reports and presentation check list. Students are advised to complete this check list prior to submitting their assessment.
• Differences and similarities between essays and reports
• Presentation check list (revised 7th September, 2020)
s *
I Presentation:
I Academic Essay
I Assessment
I criteria: This assessment will be marked against the following criteria:
I • Ability to interpret and address topic
I • Written expression
I • Using the literature effectively
I • Structure, logical sequencing & flow of information
I • CDU APA referencing