Recent Question/Assignment

Please follow the assessment guideline and the instruction for the structure with indication. I need this assessment by 25th september aus time 12 AM. Except everything the assessment should be in 1000 words only not 2000 words as this is a group assessment it divides between two, choose an industry and organisation except Education as my another member already chose it., i would suggest to choose IT industry. you don't need to write an introduction and conclusion as we group members are going to write it later to combine . Just the main body 2,3,4,5,6 in 1000 words. use peer-reviewed journal articles.
**** further guidelines that I've received from my lecturer are down below. (please you follow this after reading the assessment main guidelines)
Dear Student,
Further to our discussions last Friday, please find additional clarity around assignment 2 in terms of content/structure/rationale:
1. Brief introduction.
2. Each team member should clearly indicate a specific industry and organisation they would like to work for in the future (indicator: provide brief context).
3. Conduct a general appraisal and discussion of pertinent personality and personal development models (indicator: cover theory/concepts/models) = based on your industries?
4. Choose, conduct, record, and present the results of 3 different recognised and established personality tests (psychometric testing) amongst team members (indicator: practical application) = as they apply to your chosen professions and based around personality.
Tools to consider (choose 3 from this list for the test ):
Emotional intelligence.
Cultural intelligence.
The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).
Personality Profiling.
Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire.
5. The results and outcomes from this process should then be extrapolated, interpreted, synthesised, and critically examined against the backdrop of your multiple work environments (indicator: evidence).
6. Using the results from above, highlight how different personality types work together in teams (indicator: analysis).
7. Brief conclusion.
Hope that helps.