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INTB864 Global Business in Asia
Individual assignment: ASSIGNMENT TWO
Trimester 2, 2020
Report due date: Wednesday September 23, 2020 (9.00 a.m. NZ time)
This is an individual assignment and there are two elements to this assignment. The first component of this assessment is that you will be required to submit a 1,500-word (+/- 10%) report with presentation slides. This written report will need to be submitted online to Blackboard by Wednesday September 23, 2020 (9.00 a.m. NZ time). This report will cover aspects of your chosen subject matter.
The second part of the assessment is that you will need to make a 15 minutes presentation (either in person or recorded) on your chosen subject matter. Please note that the recorded option will only be used if for some reason we have to revert to online teaching. If classroom teaching is permitted, then students will be expected to make the presentation in person. These presentations will be conducted over class times in weeks 11 and 12. Please note that your presentation must not just be a repetition of what you wrote in the report and you will be expected to enlarge on areas that you have raised in the written report. Please note that if you are unable to attend the presentation, you will essentially lose the marks allocated for the presentation.
In preparing for your presentation you should write down the main points you plan to cover and also to create a professional set of materials (e.g. Powerpoint slides) that you can use to support your presentation. You should use the extemporaneous mode of deliver. This involves thorough preparation and practice and is conversational in style.
Please note that your presentation may be video recorded for moderation purposes.
Possible topics
You will be expected to choose from one of the following topics for your presentationreport:
• Asian leadership: Competitive advantage or competitive disadvantage in a global market?
• The ethics of fair wages: Can Asia remain competitive if minimum wages are increased?
• Ethical labor: Child labor and bonded labor in Asia
• The Global Competitiveness Index: How is Asia improving its level of international competitiveness?
You will be expected to address the following areas:
• Provide an overview of your chosen subject area and discuss the importance of the matter that is being considered and to clearly identify issues that are pertinent to your chosen subject matter
• Select and integrate appropriate and relevant theories and concepts to your analysis
• Make useable and workable recommendations to help resolve the issues identified
• Demonstrate that you have engaged in extensive research on the subject matter
• Respond to questions posed to you by the assessor
• Demonstrate your level of competence as a presenter in terms of the slides and technology employed, the manner of deliver and the presentation of ideas in a logical and coherent manner.
• Include relevant citations and a reference list in accordance with the APA 7th Edition format.
Extra points about your written report
Your word limit is 1,500 words +/- 10% (excludes the Executive Summary, the reference list and the slides that you will be using to accompany your presentation)
Please also note the following for the assignment:
The assignment is to be submitted online on time. Your assignment will be automatically submitted to TurnItIn for plagiarism check. Please note that plagiarism will not be tolerated.
Late submissions will incur a penalty of 5% of the marks available for the assignment per day. The penalty will apply 1 second past the stipulated submission deadline (see above). Please note that submissions that are in excess of five days will not be marked. Extensions will only be granted when appropriate documents (such as medical certificates) accompany any extension requests but such certificates should not be dated retrospectively.
DO NOT SUBMIT A PRINTED COPY. Only electronic submissions will be marked. Also only submit your files in the Microsoft WORD format. DO NOT SUBMIT PDF files – ONLY Microsoft WORD format documents will be accepted.
Report writing format
Please remember that this assignment is meant to be in a report-writing format. That being so, your assignment will be expected to have the following:
• Cover Page (see below for what is required in the cover page)
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• 1.0 Introduction (please number all your headings and subheadings)
• 2.0 Discussion section (do not use the word ‘discussion’ as a heading please)
• 3.0 Analysis (use appropriate headings… o 3.1 XXXX … and subheadings)
• 4.0 Conclusion and recommendations
• Reference list (do not use a bibliography)
§ Type in regular 12-point Times New Roman font (Palatino Linotype or Calibri are also fine – I personally like Calibri).
§ A4 paper, 2.5 cm margin all round.
§ A minimum of 1.5 spacing between lines.
§ Number all pages.
§ You do not need to attach the Honesty Declaration as all online submissions means that you have agreed to be subjected to the terms of the Honesty Declaration.
§ Please have a Cover Page as the first page of your report with the following details:
1. The number of the Paper and the title
2. Due date
3. Student name. Please use only your official name. If you must use other names please make sure that your official name is included
4. Student ID
5. Student’s contact details (emails and/or phone numbers).
6. Lecturer’s name: Dr. John Tan.
Saving your file:
Save your assignment as a Microsoft WORD document with this filename (assuming that your name is J, Smith):
Smith, J INTB863, Assignment 2
I have made it such that your assignments are automatically sent for plagiarism check. Plagiarism is a serious matter and you may fail if plagiarism is found to be at an unacceptable level in your work. I expect your assignment to be your own work. It should not be copied from anywhere or be from any previous assignments (even your own previously submitted assignment). In the event that you have been found to have engaged in plagiarism your submission will either be subject to a plagiarism penalty, or in more severe cases, be referred to Academic Integrity for final decision.
A reference list should be included at the end of your assignment and should contain only the publications you used in your assignment. Do not include materials from Wikipedia as the university does not consider this to be an accurate source of information. You may wish to source for information from government websites, reputable journals, newspapers and magazines (e.g. Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune).
Do not include a bibliography.
Marking criteria
Your presentation-report will be assessed along the following criteria:
Criteria Marks allocated
Overview of the chosen subject area, importance and identification of pertinent issues 6
Analysis of the issues identified 8
Theory or concept identification and integration in the analysis 10
Recommendations provided 6
Level of research demonstrated 6
Delivery effectiveness and responses to questions posed 10
Quality of presentation materials and visuals 2
Referencing 2

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