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Instructions for Hypothetical Problem Assignment
In order to prepare for the Assessment Task 4, Hypothetical Problem Assignment, students should invest time into developing the following two core Skins:

1. Listen to the pre-recorded Lectures under 'Week 4' on 'Identifying Legal Issues' and 'Legal Problem
Solving' Podeojt: Identifying Legal Issues (Quiektime / mp4).
2. Take the self-study Factual & Legal Issues Quiz.
instructions for Assessment Task 4 - Hypothetical Problem
In this assignment (1,000 words maximum, excluding footnotes), students will solve a hypothetical problem. Students will be required to demonstrate:
• the ability to analyse factual scenarios and identify releva||fegal isl||l I
• the ability to understand and apply basic principles of legal probl^rp solving and reasoning;
• the ability to carry out basic legal research tasks, including finding and analysing primary and secondary sources;
• the ability to communicate effectively in a written form to a non-legal audience.
Students will be provided one opportunity to resubmit their work, taking account of feedback provided by their tutor in accordance with the deadline set out in the unit guide. ,
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