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Manage diversity in the workplace
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Assignment Activity 1
If your workplace already has a diversity policy, then locate that policy and attach a copy of that policy to this assignment. (You may need to seek the permission of your supervisor first). If your current workplace does not have a written diversity policy, then locate a diversity policy from a large Australian company and attach to this assignment. (Many large companies will have their policies on the company website.)
Assignment Activity 2
Give a brief status report on the diversity in your current workplace. Are there areas of the business that have a gender imbalance?
Is your workplace Family Friendly?
Does the business embrace the values of diversity or not really think about diversity much at all?
How could diversity be improved?
This is the Activity 1 from earlier in the student resource. Now you have completed the training you will need to update and add to the information you gave at that previous activity.
Assignment Activity 3
How can you as a manager encourage and support diversity in your workplace?
What actions can you take?
What programs can you introduce?
Assignment Activity 4
For your current workplace
1. Identify two job positions, which could be handled by a disabled person who uses a wheelchair.
2. Explain what special facilities or special workplace changes need to be in place so that a worker would be able to work in your workplace.
Assignment Activity 5
1. Choose one Federal or State law regarding discrimination, human rights or diversity in the workplace. Tell us about that law and what that law is trying to achieve.
Assignment Activity 6
Case study:
You currently have a young staff member from a non-English speaking background in your department. You have discussed duties with them and have asked them to complete a particular task.
They have agreed enthusiastically to undertake the task. You ask them whether they will be able to undertake the task as agreed and they confirm that they can do this.
As you are making your way through the building you stop to observe them and realise that they have not understood what you have asked them to do.
Answer the following questions:
1. In what ways, other than using verbal instruction, can you manage this situation? Explain how and why you think each way will work.
2. What systems could you put in place or help could you give this employee to follow instructions better in the future?
Assignment Activity 7
Choose an area, team or department of your workplace that currently has low diversity and outline plans and actions you could take to increase diversity over a period of time.
Assignment Activity 8
Detail the conflict resolution procedures in place at your current workplace and discuss if you think these procedures work well or if there is room for improvement. Suggest any possible improvements to the system.