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HDS310 Human Rights and Advocacy
Assessment 3 - Advocacy Case Study Due 5p.m. Friday 22th September
Reference: Harvard
1200 words
Chosen below is a contemporary rights issue for a person with disability. Develop/describe an advocacy campaign incorporating the essential elements/strategies of advocacy you have learned.
Case study chosen.
? A woman who uses a walking frame complained that access into the bathroom in her public housing accommodation involved a step, which presented a trip hazard and a risk of falling and injury.
Your advocacy topic in the Study Guide and the readings prescribed give you great sources for constructing your advocacy campaign. You will also need to source at least one peer-reviewed article in addition to the set readings to include in your essay. (Advocacy campaigning and people with learning difficulties in Learning disability: a life cycle approach; Chapter 7, by Grant, G, Ramcharan, P, Flynn, M & Richardson M (2010)
Tools for action in a resource for effective community activism (by Nash A (2001) Chapter 4 pp.127-184
• The format of the assignment is normal essay with introduction, body and conclusion.
• In the introduction you need to introduce and define advocacy including the different types of advocacy.
• Describe advocacy's role in attaining human rights or redressing discrimination (or denial of rights).
• You would also introduce your case study or the issue you are constructing a campaign about. (up to 6 marks)
In the body of the essay you would describe your advocacy strategy/campaign in detail (using headings if you like), covering all the different elements (e.g. community education). You can decide not to use certain elements as appropriate for your case issue but you must still describe all the possible elements to show you understand them, and say why you are not including particular elements or strategies. You can create scenarios throughout your campaign such as if one strategy or element didn’t work, the next element or strategy you would use would be ... (up to 12 marks).
Finally, in the conclusion you bring it all together in a summary that briefly describes the role of advocacy in achieving/protecting human rights, retraces the issue or case you looked at, and the campaign you developed. (up to 6 marks).
Presentation and Referencing up to 6 marks.
The same advice for referencing applies as per Assignment 2 (refer assessment module).
HD D CR P Unsatisfactory
As for D but presents an excellent coverage and interpretation of the topic As for CR but also includes a variety of references As for P but also addresses most or all key elements to a good standard Satisfactorily addresses most of the key elements in the essay Does not adequately address the key elements in the essay