Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: Identify and apply theories and models in accounting to a current topical issue related to CALTEX. You are required to demonstrate your understanding of your chosen accounting theories to matter current to the approved corporation by reference to published material from the corporation and other related sources.
Task Details: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Capital Market Reactions (CMR) of CALTEX.
Identify and rationalize with
• appropriate accounting theories,
• the motive,
• effectiveness and impact of the firm’s CSR/CMR disclosures in addressing these issues.
Based on the case findings, must make recommendations on CSR/CMR reporting at the corporation level as well as at regulatory level. Emphasis must be given to effectiveness of CSR/CMR disclosures.
Word count: 2500
Title page, executive summary, table of contents, appropriate headings and sub-headings, recommendations/findings/conclusions, in- text referencing and reference list (Harvard – Anglia style), attachments if relevant. Single spaced, font Times New Roman 12pt.
References: Harvard style. At least 10 academic and current sources (from 2010 to current)
Need to support this analysis with references from the text and a minimum of ten (10) suitable, reliable, current and academically acceptable sources – check with your tutor if unsure of the validity of sources.
Research – extent and application 30%
Analysis 30%
Recommendations/conclusions 20%
Report content 20%.