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Aim/Kaupapa Korero:
The student will gain an understanding of the importance of an audit as a risk management strategy.
The student will develop skills and knowledge of the processes and requirements for auditing within an industry setting, and identify skills required to produce standards, report writing and appropriate recommendations.
Task/ Nga Tuhi:
Students will complete a report discussing the audit process and develop audit standards relevant to infection prevention and control practices.
The report needs to:
Discuss the role of audit as a risk management strategy and outline its role in managing risk and measuring practice, as well as its limitations.
Critically discuss risks that could lead to infectious outbreaks at Toi Ohomai.
Complete a review of relevant literature (15-20 readings), to develop evidenced based auditing standards to audit an area you have discussed above, that has the potential to lead to an infectious outbreak. These standards need to be created within an audit tool, and the evidence (literature) to support each standard needs to be included, within the audit tool, and attached as an appendix. The standards need to be focused on the high risk areas that are being audited, and a minimum of 10 -12 standards needs to be developed to ensure it meets professional requirements.
Use these standards to complete an audit in the area you have researched and complete a summary of your findings on each standard. This needs to be in a report format and correspond to the standards in the appendix.
Make recommendations to management based on the findings of your audit.
Due date: Wiki/Ra: 21.09.2020 by 6:00 p.m.
Word count: 2500 words (Report)
Weighting: 40%

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