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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Trimester T2 2020
Unit Code HC1082
Unit Title Marketing
Assessment Type Individual Assignment 1
Assessment Title Individual Assignment 1
Purpose of the
assessment (with ULO
Mapping) 1. Evaluate theoretical and practical knowledge of Marketing
2. Analyse marketing issues and strategies using core marketing concepts
3. Apply theoretical and practical knowledge of Marketing in the diagnosis of Product/s issues and demonstrate an understanding of the of the different marketing concepts.
Weight 35 % of the total assessments
Total Marks 35
Word limit Total: 3000 words
Due Date Week 10
Submission Guidelines • All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
• The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and page numbers.
• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.
HC1082 Marketing Assignment
Assignment Specifications
Task Criteria: There are two parts to this assignment.
Part 1 – Analysis of Mini Case (must demonstrate understanding of the theories or concepts in the case and their applications.
Part 2 – Critical Thinking. Must demonstrate critical thinking skills to develop a valid discussion and with supporting evidence to your chosen product and target markets.
Details of task requirements:
Part 1:
Mini Case (video) Analysis of Market Segmentation, watch “Grilled Burger” ad on YouTube and answer 2 questions below.
A. Explain the concept of Market Segmentation and describe at least three target markets on the “Grilled YouTube video”
B. Explain the concept of “Positioning” and discuss “Grilled Burger” positioning strategy on the video.
Part 2: Theory and Application of Marketing mix (4Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion and Place).
1. Student to selects one product with 2 of target customer groups.
2. Discuss how 4Ps of Marketing Mix can be applied in particular group chosen and how value can be created in each of the marketing mix.
3. Give your justification for two groups customers that you selected for that product.
Note: Must only need to choose TWO target markets and ONE Product to discuss theory and application.
Products Target Market
Burger Middle-age White-Collar Upper-middle class Seniors (age
individuals (baby-boomers) group 65 – 75 years old)
Mid-sized care Sedan University students Millennials (21 and 28)
Holiday Beach Resort Trade persons (Generation Y) Teenage generation (ages
Accommodation between (13 and 17)
Bath soap Single parents (Age 35 – 48) Generation Z (ages 28 and 35) between
Running shoes Vegetarians Executives (Generation X – ages
39 to 59)
The aim of the Assignment
A. This task will assess the student’s ability to analyse the marketing activities of a particular organisation, with a focus on analysing the target market and buying behaviour for a particular organisation. Students will be required to refer to some relevant theory from textbooks and other readings to show their understanding of the theory and apply in context. Provide at least one (1) recent (last 12 months), original example to illustrate your understanding of the concept.
B. Must justify your discussion with relevant references. Must include at least a minimum of 6 academic and 4 industry references.
Report Structure (3000 words plus or minus 10% of the total word counts contents only – references are not counted):
Executive summary (between 150)
Table of contents
Introduction (400 words)
Part 1 – Discussion (800 words)
• SEGMENTATION: Explain the concept of Market Segmentation and describe at least three target markets on the “Grilled YouTube video”
• POSITIONING: Explain the concept of “Positioning” and discuss “Grilled Burger” positioning strategy on the video.
Part 2 – Discussion (1200 words)
• Marketing Mix o Product o Price o Promotion o Place
• Target Market
• Distribution channels
• Promotional communications and tools
Conclusion (300 words)
Recommendations (150 words) – must provide source to support recommendations
Reference list (min. 6 academic sources and 4 industry sources). Use correct Harvard referencing style
Marking criteria
Marking criteria Weighting
Part 1
Critical analysis of the concepts of Market Segmentation and Positioning 4
Demonstrates understanding of the concept’s applications 4
Supporting evidence to justify analysis and explanation 3
Sub-total 15
Part 2
Critical analysis the four Ps of marketing Mix with a chosen product for the selected Target Markets. 8
Demonstrates an understanding of how value can be created 6
Supporting evidence to justify analysis and explanation 4
Writing Mechanics:
Format, grammar and expression 2
Sub-total 20
TOTAL Weight 35%
Assessment Feedback to the Student: