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This assessment is based on how I answered the basic math test which I attached as pdf for your reference about the topics. Explain some topics in math briefly such as algebra, geometry, (play along with and convey how I find it difficult) in the basic skill test.
Then dwell on my weaknesses and strengths.
My strengths are whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, word problems, and financial mathematics like percentages. Just invent why I like it. I find it easy because my tutor explained it to visually. And with the help of technology and internet resources, I find it easier to understands. I practice every day because I need to pass my teachers exam.
My weaknesses are line graphs, geometry, and algebra. I find it hard to visualize the shapes at geometry. Just invent why I find it challenging.
My feelings about it are mixed emotions fear and anxiety but hopeful because I am not good at math in school. Every time I understand and answered the problems I got excited . Right now I have a tutor in math and he is helping me understands Math especially in answering infographics problems. We do it at Zoom. (Please dwell on this.) FYI, teachers in Australia need to take a math test to be registered as a teacher. That's why I have a tutor. The test is called Lantite. You can add this too. Mention all the details that I wrote.
This is 1200 words. Apa 6th referencing.

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