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Weight: 40%

Curriculum Mode: Report


1. Introduction: overview and importance of the case study.
2. Community mapping and identification of challenges. You must use academic literature to support your argument.
3. Identification of needs. Explain and analyse how the group or activity is in need of services, or whether some assets are not well deployed or lacking. You should use academic literature to support your argument.
4. Prioritisation of needs.
5. Goal setting and strategic planning.
6. Reference list (with matching in-text citations)

Assessment 2 is the 'Professional Report' that from an academic perspective, identifies specific challenges faced by a refugees community and identifies what that community needs, in order to be supported and strengthened. This means you must support your work with paraphrased academic and external references outlined below.

You must paraphrase 6 resources in a total of which 3 must be scholarly works (Academic Journal articles, an edited book chapter, and textbooks available from the WSU library). Ensure there are 6 sources, as it is worth 30% of the mark as per the marking rubric (see above)

Resources: (A minimum of 6-3 Academic scholarly works and 3 other sources)
Minimum 3 or more, must be paraphrased scholarly works:

· Academic articles,
· edited book chapters,
· Reference books.
· Text Books

Minimum 3 or more, other resources could be from:

News items from ANZ Newsstream or Google News
Statistical websites (Australian Bureau of Statistics, (ABS) Quick Stats,
The Local Government Area (LGA)
Non-Government Organisation (NGO)
Activist web resources directly relevant to the community in question.
Dictionary of Social Science

WSU Harvard Reference style is the required referencing format for the unit. Google WSU Harvard Referencing guide.

The word count of 1,500 words does include in-text referencing but NOT the reference list. The use of direct quoting should be avoided where possible, favour paraphrasing your references.

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