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You work for a large consulting firm.
Several of your clients are accounting practices who are interested in the possible opportunities and threats generated by artificial intelligence (Al).
Some feel that Al may threaten their current business models whereas others believe that it presents opportunities to provide services to clients more efficiently.
As you are a recent accounting graduate your manager has tasked you with writing a draft report on Al as it may impact on accounting businesses. The report will be available to clients and used a marketing tool to showcase the skills of your consulting firm.
The key elements of your report should be understandable to both accountants and nonaccountants (the boards of the accounting firms often include non-accounting professionals).
Your manager has requested that the report contains (but is not necessarily restricted to) responses to the following aspects (as they impact on accounting):
1) What is Al?
2) How has technology changed the work of accountants in recent decades?
3) Opportunities from the use of Al
4) Threats from the use of Al
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Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
It is important that your report comes to some clear conclusions and make some practical recommendations for accounting practices to follow.
You are aware of some excellent literature on the topic of artificial intelligence that you will also incorporate in this report. You can include any information in the report which you think will assist your clients to better understand this important topic. You must support your arguments and hence use at least ten resources to inform your discussion. The library databases ( will provide many useful journal articles on this topic.
Part 2: 40% due Monday of week 11 - Final Business Report
Business report technical content 30%
Business report format, language, presentation & response to feedback 10%
Maximum words: 3000 (not including references, abstract and appendices)
Note: The Assessment Rubric or marking rubric is a separate document and you are advised to read through it to obtain guidance on how the lecturers will mark your assignment.
A summary of the mark allocation is given below:
Summary of Marks:
Technical Skills - 30 Marks
Professional Competency Skills:
Feedback, Format, Language and Presentation 10 Marks
Evaluating information resources and research plan 20 Marks

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