Recent Question/Assignment

The paper must be typed.
Do NOT include a title.
Place your name, date, and course and section numbers in the top of the first page following MLA format.
Make sure to save your paper with the following file name:
[your last name] Paper 1.
Example: Bohorquez Paper 1.
You must submit your paper in a format that is compatible with Microsoft Word. If I have difficulty reading your paper because of the format in which it was submitted, I will consider your paper as not submitted. Though pdf files are compatible with MS Word, the conversion process makes the files very difficult to read. Please do NOT submit your paper as a pdf.
Submit this as an attachment to Blackboard. I will not accept hard copies or e-mail submissions of your paper. Make sure that you know how to and can submit to Blackboard before the deadline.
You must also have at least 2 relevant and explanatory quotes from the primary text with which we have worked.
When referring to Plato please use parenthetical citations in MLA format. Make sure to use marginal pages, if possible. Right-click on the link for MLA format info: MLA format.
The length of the paper MUST be at least the minimum. Only use words in the body of the paper toward word count. Click on the following link for information on setting up word count on MS Word: Word Count
Make sure to include a Works Cited section or page.

This assignment is due Sunday, September 13 at 11:59 pm (almost midnight).
Write a 500 to 750-word essay responding to the following prompt.
We discussed how the Wrongdoer passage (8b-8e) in Plato’s Euthyphro supported the relationship between justice and piety that asserts that piety is a part of justice, i.e., “all that is pious is of necessity just” (11e). For this paper,
1) provide a concise and clear summary of the Wrongdoer passage and
2) how it supports that relationship. Also,
3) state with which of the five possible relationships between justice and piety you are most in agreement and
4) explain why.