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Read the attached selection and answer the given questions. All output must be in Google Docs.
1 What is the author dividing and classifying in the selection? Use a hierarchical graphic organizer for your answer.
2 Remember the previous patterns of development that you have learned in the past, which other pattern does the author used to explain the concept of ’geek; specially in the first two paragraphs? Is her use of this mode successful in such a way that it complements her use of division and classification? Explain your answer.
3. What can you notice about the pieces of literature that the author reads as she moves from one level to the a higher one? Did her choices stat the same, or are there noticeable changes?
4. After everything was said and done, Jessica Zafra ends the selections with this: Trust me. I m a geek.’ Is this an effective conclusion? Does it summarize or reiterate the gist of her entire essay? Can you actually trust and believe her claim? Explain your answer.

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