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BIT246: Object Oriented RAD
Assessment 2 – Software Application – Ruby Project – Phase 1
Due Date: Week 6
Hurdle task: Week 6
Assessment Weightage: Assessment 2 value = 35%
Total Possible Marks of Phase 1: 5
Phase1- 5 marks out of 35 marks (5% of 100)
This Assessment contains HURDLE TASK – Question Answer session about your submission– the hurdle task that must be passed to pass this phase of the assessment.
The Assessment 2 is to be delivered in several phases. Following are the specifications of Phase1.
Phase 1 (5 marks – due week 6)
Write Ruby code and answer following questions.
Upload (.rb) file (with comments) on Moodle in Assessment submission and Turnitin submission Link
You have several pictures of different sizes that you would like to frame. A local picture framing store offers two types of frames - regular and fancy. The frames are available in white and can be ordered in any color the customer desires. Suppose that each frame is 1 inch wide. The cost of coloring the frame is $0.10 per inch. The cost of a regular frame is $0.15 per inch and the cost of a fancy frame is $0.25 per inch. The customer can also choose to put crowns on the corners, which costs $0.35 per crown.
Write a program in RUBY that prompts the user to input the following information and then save the output of the cost of framing the picture in a text file:
a) Customer name and Address
b) The length and width, in inches, of the picture.
c) The type of the frame.
d) Customer's choice of color to color the frame.
e) If the user wants to add the crowns, then the number of crowns.
f) Prompt the user to confirm the order (Y/N). If the user confirms (Y), thank you the user for ordering and save the order information otherwise display appropriate message for customer and cancel order.
g) Each order must be saved in a text file. All orders of on a specific date will be save in a folder created for orders for the specific date. For example, orders given on date 18-06-2025 will be saved in folder name: Orders18062025.
a. Check whether the folder exists or not. If it does not exists create the folder with a folder name “Orders Date ”.
b. Create a new file with name (Order+Randomno+DateTimestamp+YourStudentID.txt e.g.
Order118062020114012345678.txt) in a folder name “Orders Date ” and
c. Add your name and id in the first line of the file created through the ruby program.
d. Append the record the information about the order (UserName, length & width, colour and crowns) in the file created.

All used sources must be properly acknowledged with references and citations, if you did not create it. Quotations and paraphrasing are allowed but the sources must be acknowledged. Failure to do so is regarded as plagiarism and the minimum penalty for plagiarism is failure for the assignment. The act of given your assignment to another student is classified as a plagiarism offence. Copying large chucks and supplying a reference will result in zero marks as you have not contributed to the report. Copying from Youtube or other videos is also plagiarism (including transcripts). Citation in a video can be included as credits at the end.
Late Submission
Late submission of assignments will be penalised as follows:
• For assignments 1 to 10 days late, a penalty of 5% (of total available marks) per day.
• For assignments more than 10 days late, a penalty of 100% will apply. Which means, the assignment will not be marked and attract a fail grade.
Your submission must be compatible with the software (PDF/Word/Video/Zip) in Melbourne Polytechnic, Computer Laboratories/Classrooms.
Under normal circumstances, extensions will not be granted. In case of extenuating circumstances—such as illness—a Special Consideration form, accompanied by supporting documentation, must be received before 3 working days from the due date. If granted, an extension will be only granted only by the time period stated on the documentation; that is, if the illness medical certificate was for one day, an extension will be granted for one day only. Accordingly, the student must submit within that time limit.
Penalties may apply for late submission without an approved extension.
Academic misconduct such as cheating and plagiarism incur penalties ranging from a zero result to program exclusion.
All assessments (except for final examination) and feedback are provided via the Moodle site and in classes.
Assessment Tasks: Due Date SLOs CLOs Weight Comments
Class Test – Two written assessments of key concepts of object oriented programming and design, including syntax and semantics of the programming language. (30 minutes) Week 4 and Week 10 1,2,3,4 1 20% Individual
Phase 1 (5%) : Working with Files and
Software Application – Suggested topic: Development and demonstration of an original advanced application system based on. Suggested topic
Phase 2 (15%): Working with Files and folders by using Ruby gems
Phase 3 (15%): Working with Files and folders by using rails Phase 1 – Week 6 Phase 2 – Week 8 and
Phase 3 – Week 12 1,2,3 1,3 35% Individual
Report and Oral Presentation - Suggested topic: A report and presentation to demonstrate an understanding of Ruby programming concept. Week 11 4 3 20% Individual
Software Application – Suggested topic: Development and demonstration of a web-based application using MVC for multiple CRUDs for multiple models Week 14 1,2,3 1,3 25% Individual
Marking criteria for Phase 1
This Assessment contains HURDLE TASK – Question Answer session about your submission– the hurdle task that must be passed to pass this phase of the assessment.
Marking Week Possible marks
No Comments -1
Total Marks 5
Takes all user input 0.5
Calculations 0.5
Correct use of condition and loop statements 0.5
Verify that the folder exists 0.5
Create File with correct name 1
Ruby code to add student details (First line of the file + Name of the file) 1
Append user and order information 1

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