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Please check attachment, 1200 words
APA Referencing
Organisational Communication Analysis report (1200 words). APA6th format, report format
Part 1: introduction and brief description of organisation’s communication during pandemic (internal or external)
Part 2: critical analysis of ONE issue in the organisation’s communication during that period
Part 3: identification of appropriate strategy/ies to address the issues you identify, drawing on theory to justify the recommendations
Part 4: overall structure, flow, connection between sections and referencing
Students are required to analyse and make recommendations about an organisations communication by drawing on, integrating, and applying the learnings from communication theories introduced in the first part of the course.
Thank you, everyone, who had their say in ranking Learning Outcomes from our unit of study in the order of importance to you personally.
Based on this live feedback, we adjusted the topic for your individual assignment so that it addresses your interest to reflect on challenges to organisational communication and organisational response to them. In this first assignment, you will be analysing an organisation’s communication during the COVID-19 pandemic (internal and/or external).
Well discuss this assignment during one of the following lectures.

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