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School of Built Environment
Western Sydney University
300886 Construction in Practice 1
Individual Report
This is individual work and must be completed separately from your group assignment. For a suitable system related to the given project write a 2000 word report on ONE of the following topics:
• Low energy transfer lightweight roofing system
• -Green garden- facade assemblies for residential flats
• Modular construction methods - component construction
• Lightweight structural flooring system
• Rainwater harvesting system
For your chosen topic, research at least three product options available in the Australian or the worldwide marketplaces. List the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Include a discussion of the likely cost of each product including installation. The intention is that you produce a practical assessment of potential technological improvements to the environmental performance of larger scale residential construction.
The report must be divided into subsections and must be provided with a contents page at the beginning as well as page numbers. Referencing should conform with the Harvard system. As well as searching internet you are advised to consult the electronic journals available in the library for high quality reference sources.

Assessment Criteria Issued and Due :
Week 1, Monday 20th July
Week 6, Friday 28th August by midnight
An electronic copy to be submitted through Turnitin.
Class mark 20% of the total marks for the unit
Penalty 10% of the awarded mark per day

10 marks
Evidence that the products/systems studied have been carefully chosen and are significant improvements on standard practice (2 marks)
Description of some new or ‘cutting edge’ aspects of the chosen systems (2 marks)
Evaluates the current state of the market for environmental performance improvements in medium and high density residential projects (2marks)
Demonstrates understanding of the constraints on including new systems in residential projects (2 marks)
Demonstrates qualitative judgements about the priorities involved in delivering sustainable residential projects (2 marks)
Communication, presentation and referencing
10 marks
Report format/ Table of Contents/Page numbers/ Headings/ Figures and graphs (2 marks each – total 2 marks)
Language/ Spelling: deductions of 1 mark for each spelling, language or grammatical error detected (2 marks)
Professional and businesslike writing tone with appropriate use of generic terminology to explain trade names (2 marks)
Information provided on both economic and environmental impacts of the systems described (2 marks)
Acceptable Turnitin Report with Referencing: both in-text referencing and reference lists in Harvard style (2 marks)

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