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1. A local biologist needs a program to predict population growth. The inputs would be the initial number of organisms, the rate of growth (a real number greater than 0), the number of hours it takes to achieve this rate, and a number of hours during which the population grows. For example, one might start with a population of 500 organisms, a growth rate of 2, and a growth period to achieve this rate of 6 hours. Assuming that none of the organisms die, this would imply that this population would double in size every 6 hours. Thus, after allowing 6 hours for growth, we would have 1000 organisms, and after 12 hours, we would have 2000 organisms.
a. Write a detailed algorithm and a flowchart to predict the total population.
b. Write a program in python that takes these inputs and displays a prediction of the total population. Tabulate your results with 10 different inputs.
2. Write a program that computes an investment report. The report should look similar to the one below. Further, compute the ending balance and interest earned after 25 years. Write a detailed algorithm and a flowchart to predict the ending balance and the interest earned.

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