Recent Question/Assignment

2: Report Students will develop skills to write a report and appropriately summarise documentation. Your report should consist of four sections: 1. Critically examine one New Zealand Standard and One International Standard that underpin infection risk management. Discuss the relevance of these standards to infection risk management. 2. Compare and contrast how the two standards are implemented and monitored. 3. Analyse the role of leadership in the co-ordination, implementation and monitoring of infection risk management programmes to make sure they align with the standards. Marks will be allocated for academic writing style and structure of the report, including a succinct introduction and conclusion; a comprehensive and logical discussion of all aspects of the topic; the ability to demonstrate an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the topic and appropriate APA (6th ed.) referencing. Marks will also be allocated for the use of relevant and scholarly References with consistent citations; integration with summarising to support discussion.
Learning outcomes: 3. Analyse the components required to co-ordinate develop, implement and monitor infection risk management programmes. 4. Analyse management strategies that positively support evidence based best practice and influence an organisational culture of safety. Word limit: 2000 words Submission
date: 6.9.2020, by 6:00 pm Weighting: 30%