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This cover sheet is to be completed by the student and assessor and used as a record to determine student competency in this assessment task
Student Declaration: I declare that the work submitted is my own, and has not been copied or plagiarized from any person or source. Signature: ___________________________
Date: ____/_____/_____
Attempt Outcome Date Assessor’s feedback (as required): Trainer’s initials
1 S/NS
2 S/NS
3 S/NS
Feedback to student:
Assessor: I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided appropriate feedback. Signature: _________________________
Name: _________________________
Date: ____/_____/_____
This is a written assessment that will test your knowledge. This assessment may be completed over the duration of the training day or in one sitting of about 60 minutes. As you learn, practice and review knowledge and skills, you will keep Assessment Task 3 in front of you and answer the questions as the information becomes clear to you. At the beginning of each review session you will be given a few minutes to familiarise yourself with the questions. You will be given extra time at the end of the day to complete this assessment or to clarify facts with the Trainer/Assessor.
Make sure you:
• Answer all questions
• Print clearly
• Use a blue or black pen. Assessments written in pencil will not be accepted.
• Ask your assessor if you do not understand a question. Whist your assessor cannot tell you the answer, he/she may be able to re-word the question for you
• Do not talk to your classmates. If you are caught discussion the answers you will be asked to leave and your assessment will not be marked.
• Do not cheat. Anyone caught cheating will automatically be marked Not Competent for this unit. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
Answer the following questions in the space provided.
1. In around 100 words, outline the basic steps to follow to conduct a cost-benefit analysis?
2. What are the major theories and concepts of creativity and innovation? Briefly describe each identified? (Your answer must be anywhere between 150 to 200 words)
3. In no less than 200 words, identify and list the principles of organisational learning?
4. Identify and outline the theories of quality management and continuous improvement? (Your answer must be anywhere between 150 to 200 words)
5. Discuss the risk management concepts that are relevant to the management of innovation and continuous improvement?(Your answer must be anywhere between 150 to 200 words)
6. Outline sustainability practices relevant to business?(Your answer must be anywhere between 200 to
300 words)
7. Why should you approve innovations through the agreed organisational processes?(Your answer must be anywhere between 100 to 200 words)
8. In no more than 200 words, explain how can you promote continuous improvement and sustainability as essential to doing business?
9. What personnel should you consider when addressing the impact of change and consequences for the implementation of transition plans? (Your answer must be anywhere between 100 to 200 words)
10. What do you need to ensure are in place to manage a change implementation? (Your answer must be anywhere between 100 to 200 words)
11. Discuss the importance of developing contingency plans that can be implemented in events on nonperformance? (Your answer must be anywhere between 100 to 200 words)
12. Explain how to investigate failures so you can identify emerging challenges and opportunities that will need to be effectively managed? (Your answer must be anywhere between 100 to 200 words)
13. Why is it important to manage and capture the learnings from activities?(Your answer must be anywhere between 100 to 200 words)
14. What questions might you ask when regularly evaluating the continuous improvement systems and processes?(Your answer must be anywhere between 200 to 300 words)
15. What are four different methods you might use to the communicate costs and benefits of innovations and improvements to the relevant groups and individuals in the workplace?(Your answer must be anywhere between 200 to 300 words)

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