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HDS310 2020 Assessment 2:
Assignment (1600 words, 10% leeway)
Due 8 pm. 31 August
Weighting 40%
The Development of United Nations Human Rights Instruments with a focus on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD), and how Australia is implementing the CRPD through the National Disability Strategy (NDS).
Assignment Structure
The assignment is to be written in the form of an essay. It should contain:
An introduction (up to 8 marks) that:
• Briefly defines human rights and explains the evolution of the United Nations;
• Describes the range of human rights instruments;
• Introduces the CRPD and NDS;
• And sets out what you will cover in this essay.
Body of paper (up to 20 marks) must describe:
• The rationale behind the development of the CRPD;
• The process of developing the CRPD;
• The content of and areas covered in the CRPD;
• The process of and current status of ratifications;
• The CRPD committee and its role in the implementation and monitoring of the CRPD;
- And describe two articles of the CRPD including what they contain, and then connect them with one or more of the NDS Outcome areas including Policy direction, Current commitments, and areas for future action within each outcome area you choose.
Conclusion (up to 6 marks)
This section summarizes what you set out to do in this essay and describes the key points in the essay.
I do not want to be too prescriptive in terms of how you structure the body of your paper as there is no single correct way to do this. The most important thing to do when deciding how to structure this (or any) paper is to do it in the way that leads to the most effective communication of your ideas. Given this, you may use sub-headings if you wish, but not bullet points as you risk not explaining what they mean.
This assignment requires you to reference using APA style (unless otherwise agreed). As referencing is worth 6 marks in this assignment, I recommend getting it right to maximize your grade.
I am happy to accept other referencing styles as long as students first ask me, and then note that permission on their assignment submissions.
The assignment is to be submitted online through Cloud Deakin. A drop box will be made available soon and I will post an announcement when the drop box is available.
Finally, please remember we are very strict about collusion and plagiarism. If you are unsure of how to safeguard against this consult the Unit Guide or contact the Unit Chair.
Assessment 1 Rubric
HD D CR P Unsatisfactory
As for D but presents an excellent coverage and interpretation of the topic As for CR but also clearly connects the UN instruments with the CRPD and the CRPD with the NDS As for P but also addresses most or all key elements to a good standard Satisfactorily addresses most of the key elements in the essay Does not adequately address the key elements in the essay

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