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I am eagerly looking for an expert writer. So, I hope your firm can help with this. I would like to highlight a few points. I have been working on this thesis for quite a while and am about to lose my scholarship for not being able to submit my project for proposal defense. Now, I have less than a month to complete this entire thesis proposal.
Most important part of this all is that I must show/present my work to my supervisor on 28th Friday. He tasked me to submit a draft or a power points slide. And the draft/power points slides must clearly show the followings:
· What I am doing (the main variables, their relationships, and the theory used)
· Why am I doing (the research gaps)?
· How am I doing it (the method)?
So basically, he wants me to email him the drafts of this following by this Friday. So, I want a writer that we follow the topic choses and develop about 10 pages of the followings:
Background of my study, Focus of the Study, Research Gaps, Problem Statement, Research Objectives and Research Questions, Significance of the study, Hypothesis Development, Underlying Theories, Synchronization of Theories and of course the Conceptual Model.
I must submit this by Friday upon acceptance or approval, only then he can now instruct me to continue developing the entire thesis proposal.
Here is the topic, though I am not quite sure if the topic is accurate, but you can have your team take a look at the topic and possibly play around it but must not be changed completely. So, here is my proposed topic: FACTORS INFLUENCING OF FIRMs PERFORMANCE IN THE DIGITAL MARKETING FIRMS.
Meanwhile, I did develop an incomplete framework, which I have attached here. Take note: This framework hasn't been fully developed yet but it was suggested by a lecturer and he asked me to develop it

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