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Assessment 2 – Case Study
You need to analyse two different case scenarios and complete tasks mentioned after each scenario.
You need to demonstrate your ICT PROJECT MANAGEMENT ability to finalise project budget, human resource management and quality management.
Trainer will set the duration of the assessment.
Evidence required:
Tasks Evidence Submission
Project Cost
A completed Gantt chart with appropriate resources allocated
A budget report In printing
Project Human A paragraph (not more than 300 words) explaining In printing
Resource changes from the original plan to the new plan
Screen shot of a new budget report
Screen shot of the “Resource Usage” view to see each person’s work each month
Case scenario 1
Windsor Institute has 50 employees and wants to increase employee productivity by setting up an internal software applications training program. The training program will teach employees how to use Microsoft software programs such as Windows 8 and Office 2010. Courses will be offered in the evenings and on Saturdays and taught by qualified volunteer employees. Instructors will be paid $30 per hour.
In the past, employees were sent to courses offered by local vendors during company time. In contrast, this internal training program should save the company money on training as well as make people more productive. The Human Resources department will manage the program, and any employee can take the courses. Employees will receive a certificate for completing courses, and a copy will be put in their personnel files. The company needs to set up a training classroom, survey employees on desired courses, find qualified volunteer instructors, and start offering courses. The company wants to offer the first courses within six months. One person from Human Resources is assigned full time to manage this project, and top management has pledged its support.
Four people from various departments (Mike Smith and Lisa Robbins from IT, Jim Mulcahy from Marketing and Bill Jones from Corporate) are available part time to support the full-time Human Resources person, Terry, on the project. Assume that Terry’s hourly rate is $30. Two people from the Information Technology department will each spend up to 25% of their time supporting the project. Their hourly rate is $40. One person from the Marketing department is available 25% of the time at $30 per hour, and one person from Corporate is available 30% of the time at $25 per hour.
Project Summary
Project name Software Application Training Project
Sponsor name John Daly
Sponsor department IT
Type of project IT Training
Project description Internal IT Training held during evening hours in Microsoft products
Project manager Project Manager
Team members Terry Reed, Mike Smith, Lisa Robbins, Jim Mulcahy & Bill Jones
Date project was proposed 01/05/11
Date project was approved or denied 15/05/11
Initial cost estimate $150,000
Initial time estimate 120 Days
Dates of milestones
(e.g. project approval, funding approval, project completion) Started - 16/05/11, Completed – 3/10/11
Actual cost $119,954
Actual time 108 Days
Location Internal
Gantt chart (incomplete):
Task: Project Cost Management
a) Enter information provided above about time and hourly wages into the Resource Sheet. Assume that the cost to build the two classrooms will be $100,000 and enter it as a fixed cost.
b) Using your best judgment, assign resources to the tasks(refer to the incomplete Gantt chart) .
c) View the Resource Graphs for each person. If anyone is over allocated, make adjustments. Take screen shot of the budget report
Task: Project Human Resource Management
a) Assume that the Marketing person (Jim) will be unavailable for one week, two months into the project, and for another week, four months into the project. Make adjustments to accommodate this unavailability, so the schedule does not slip and costs do not change. Document the changes from the original plan and the new plan.
b) Add to each resource a 5% raise that starts three months into the project. Screen shot a new budget report.
c) Use the Resource Usage view to see each person’s work each month. Screen shot a copy.

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