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Networking Technologies - Assignment 1
Marks: Worth 30% of the total unit marks Due Date: Refer to Black Board Unit Schedule
The objective of this assignment is to assess your understanding of fundamental networking structure and network design concepts, and your ability to apply them to practical exercises using a tool (Packet Tracer).
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this assignment students should be able to:
• ULO 2: Analyse and evaluate network technologies and services using a layered approach and network standards.
• ULO 3: Formulate and analyse a network design for small medium enterprise networks.
1) This assignment requires students to produce a Panopto video based on task instructions below. This assignment requires video recording equipment such as a notebook equipped with a camera, as well as the software Panopto (in Blackboard). If required, you can borrow a laptop from the library.
2) You should be familiar with Panopto in Blackboard and Packet Tracer for this assignment. It is recommended that you carefully follow the Panopto instructions when submitting your work. It is your responsibility to submit a video and a Packet Tracer (pkt) file correctly according to the instructions. Make sure you select the ‘Panopto Student Video Submission’ option as shown below. Otherwise, it will not be successfully submitted.
IMPORTANT: If you submit your video via the wrong option it may delay the marking of your assessment and/or lead to late penalties. It is the responsibility of students to watch these video instructions and to follow them closely. You can edit your submission multiple times prior to the due date.
3) Practice recording a few times to keep within the time limit, and use the rubric as a guide, as it will be used for grading. Check here to learn how merge videos if necessary. Visit the Panopto for Students intranet site for more resources, and watch the video in the submission folder paying particular attention to the right Mashup tool for submission.
Watch this video before submitting your assignment
You will need to show footage of yourself completing each task, as well as footage of the yourself speaking to the camera about each task.
School of Science 1
Figure 1 Network topology.
Task 1 Network Design and Plan
Design and configure routers and hosts in the network by allocating each IP addresses in an appropriate and minimal range (to maximise the spare ranges for future use) as shown in Figure 1 using Packet Tracer, and verify the connectivity fully works across the network.
Task 2 Layer 2 Implementation and Analysis
In Subnet A, allocate VLAN10 and VLAN 20 for 2 hosts by allocating each IP addresses in an appropriate range. Check connectivity within the same and different VLANs. Use ‘Realtime’ mode in Packet Tracer to show the connectivity with ‘pinging’ using GUI with the router interfaces being enabled and disabled. Analyse the results and explain why it was a ‘success’ or ‘failure’.
Task 3 Layer 3 Evaluation
In Subnet B, clear the ARP table of devices, and ping from a host in Subnet B to a host in Subnet A. Evaluate and analyse how Layer 2 and Layer 3 addresses (source and destination) are allocated in each network’s ingress and egress interfaces. For example, what address is changed at the router interfaces with Subnet A and B? Explain why.
Submission Instructions
1) Submit a single video file using Panopto. Only videos submitted via the Panopto Student Video Submission will be marked.
2) Attach your Packet Tracer (pkt) file with fully configured and connectivity tested.
3) Upload the video file to the Panopto student submission link in the Blackboard assignments section. Ensure to follow the Panopto student submissions steps carefully for successful and timely submission.
4) The video needs to encompass the student’s voice and face above the shoulders. The student must also hold their student card up close to the camera (so it is easily viewable to the marker) at the beginning of the recording to verify their identity. If students have specific issues with this latter requirement, please contact the unit coordinator to discuss this requirement.
5) Do not use still images or screenshots for demonstration. Mouse movement should be shown in the demonstration using Packet Tracer.
6) Video length must be 10 minutes or less. No content beyond 10 minutes will be marked 7) Watch the video prior to uploading to verify satisfactory audio and video quality.
If there are any points which are unclear, ensure you contact your lecturer prior to the assignment due date.
Academic Integrity
Please ensure that you have completed the Academic Integrity Module in Blackboard and that you understand the expectations of the university in terms of citing external sources and ensuring all individual work is yours and yours alone. It is always assumed that once you hit the Submit button on your assignment, you understand and have abided by all university expectations around Academic Integrity. Your assignment is marked as such.
Rubric (Total 30 marks)
Criteria Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
9-10 7-8 5-6 3-4 0-2
Task 1 All planning and design requirements have been met and/or exceeded. Nearly all planning and design aspects of requirements have been met. A number of planning and design aspects of requirements have been met.
Full information of devices including Device name, IP addresses and interfaces has been displayed on the screen of Packet Tracer.
Topology fully functional. Planning and design requirements have been implemented to a basic level.
Some information not visible to the viewer. Few if any of the planning or design requirements have been attempted or implemented in a functional manner. No device or interface names have been shown on the screen. Topology not working.
Task 2 All VLAN connectivity has been successful with excellent analysis. Inter and intra VLAN connectivity has been fully demonstrated including how L2 & L3 work differently. Connectivity fully functional with few issues in the analysis and demonstration. L2 & L3 differences have been fully demonstrated. Partial connectivity works for Layer 3 interface with accurate information displayed and analysed. Simulation messages shown. Topology works with incomplete analysis and connectivity demonstrated. Simulation connectivity messages not shown. Connectivity not working for the subnet. Incomplete configuration.
Task 3 Excellent evaluation has been demonstrated across all aspects of the requirements. Layer 2 & 3 addresses of source and destination have been demonstrated and evaluated in all networks. A very thorough evaluation has been demonstrated across most of the requirements. Comprehensive explanation of Layer 2&3 addresses at some network interfaces. A generally sound evaluation has been conducted across a number of the requirements. Layer 2&3 addresses not analysed. A very basic evaluation has been presented across some of the requirements. No Simulation messages (ARP & ICMP) have been shown. Few if any of the evaluation requirements have been attempted or demonstrated. Connectivity not working between the subnets.
School of Science 3