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• Please Note: Some questions below will require you to use the SAP server to answer the questions.
• Do not exceed the number lines as indicated for each answer otherwise penalties will apply. If you have fewer lines than indicated that’s better. (use font size 12, New Times Roman)
• Note some questions require an explanation with example, so ensure that examples are discussed otherwise you will get no marks.
QUESTIONS (Type your answers here using font colour BLACK)
1. Explain why a Reconciliation account is used. You may use an example to explain. (6 lines)
2. Explain why a Group chart of account is unnecessary when the company codes in the group use the same Operating chart of accounts. (7 lines)
3. List and explain the 3 different types of Chart of accounts. (6 lines)
4. List 7 important components of a Chart of Accounts. (7 lines)
5. What is the purpose of a fiscal year variant? (1 line)
6. Name 3 things defined in the fiscal year variant ? (6 lines)
7. Explain using an example what you understand by “year shift/displacement” in a fiscal year (5 lines). You may use an illustration/image if you like.
8. Explain what is meant by a posting period variant? (4 lines)
9. Define a company in SAP? (3 lines)
10. Explain what a company code in SAP means? (3 lines)
11. What is the purpose of a field status group ? (4 lines)

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