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Task 2 – Longitudinal wagon dynamics study
1. Draw a sketch or create a table detailing the track geometry for the longitudinal wagon dynamics simulation with your selected radius of curve.
2. Develop a code in Matlab or a model in Matlab/Simulink for a single vehicle model in order to describe the longitudinal behaviour of your wagon in the train. Take the mass of the wagon from your Task 1 and use the constant traction input provided in initial data.
3. Resistance forces required to be taken into account for this study are only rolling and air resistance, and curve resistance.
4. Plot speed response and distance travelled by the vehicle in the time domain. Define speed of the wagon in the middle of the curve for usage in further tasks.
5. Please add your personal reflections for this task. You are asked to identify critical learning events that have happened during the work on the task and to cover the following self-evaluation questions:
- What actually happened?
- Have you experienced any impact on you personally during the work on this task?
- What did you learn from this task?
- Have you identified areas to develop further?
6. Submit your Brief Report 2 that includes the description of work performed, a Simulink model or Matlab code and graphs with the wagon speed response and distance travelled in the time domain.
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