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ISY10212: Contemporary Issues
Task 2: Essay
Discuss the positive and negative impacts of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) upon business, society and culture since the invention of the Internet and the role computer professionals have in ensuring ethical use of emerging ICT uses in the future.
Assessment Criteria for the Essay
This essay is worth 35 marks for the unit.
The criteria used to assess the essay are:
6 marks = Research
• Evidence of appropriate breadth and depth of research for the question
• Relationship and relevance of articles to the question
• Appropriate referencing of articles.
22 marks = Content and Analysis
• Clear and appropriate understanding of the question
• Critical discussion of the question
• Logical argument demonstrated through referenced articles.
7 marks = Clarity
• Suitable structure and organisation
• Clarity of writing style for readability
• Appropriate expression, grammar and spelling.
Submission Guidelines
Always keep a copy of your work!
Your essay should include, but not be limited by the following elements:
1. Academic referencing protocols are required. ( check out this link please )
2. Use headings if appropriate.
5. Number your pages, and have the unit code (ISY10212) and your name (or Student Identification Number) on the footer of each page.
6. For electronic submissions ensure that the file is .doc and titled as: ISY10212_essay_[studentNameHere].doc.
Note for assignment help service:
Please check all the requirements and please must be focused on Content and Analysis as it holds most of the marks also must have Clarity and Research. Don’t forget the footer style and I will be ordering 2 assignments for 2 separate people so please make sure assignments should be different from each other and use different sources also check the reference style of scu as I have linked it. You might need our student id for footer style so here is two student’s id:
1. 23438037
2. 23152900
Thank you

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