Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1 Information
Subject Name: Introduction to Data Analytics for Business
Assessment Title: Data Analytics Case Study
Assessment Type: Written Report
Word Count: 1500 Words
Your Task
Analyse the Emerging Technology: Talent Snapshot report from a data analytics perspective.
Assessment Description
This assessment requires you to read and interpret a report written by Startup Australia. The report analyses the current hiring environment in Australia and how it compares with other nations.
StartupAus is a not for profit organisation with a vision to make Australia one of the best places in the world to build a tech startup
This report explores talent through a variety of lenses - job creation of startups, supply and demand of skills, critical skills of the future and mechanisms for improving talent in the tech sector.
Assessment Instructions
You need to:
Part A (1000 words)
• Study the “Emerging Technology: Talent Snapshot” report by StartupAUS and provide an analysis incorporating the key points. A synopsis without analysis is insufficient to satisfy the requirements of the assessment.
a. The key insights, commentary on methods used, critique of the presentation methods and visualisations as well as possible improvements should be described. This should be addressed based on your learnings from the course.
• Specifically,
a. Derive and quote and describe appropriate statistical metrics from the report
b. Suggest alternative graphical or visual representation
c. Comment on the data collection and management.
Assessment Marking Guide
This report will be marked on:
Writing Style:
• Introduction, body and conclusion
• References
Analytic Skills
• Key insights identified.
• Key metrics identified.
• Method explained.
• Evidence of basic qualitative analysis
Application Skills
• Key stakeholders identified.
• Appropriate system to present insights to stakeholders outlined.
• Current Australian Start-up ecosystem clearly understood.
Practical Skills
• Major variables of decision-making process made clear.
• Challenges in using the insights to enhance the ecosystem outlined.
• Insightful graphical representations.
Reflective Skills
• Students highlighted major learning outcomes as a result of this assessment.
• Personal improvement outlines.
Part B (500 words)
• Reflect on the key takeaways you received from the report, specifically those regarding your data analytics skills.