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School of Engineering, Computing and Built Environment
Department of C omputing
DOP1254 Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming
Assignment 2
Student Record System
Learning Outcome
1. Apply modularization and array in programming.
2. Apply object oriented programming concepts in software development.
Question I:
Draw the class diagrams for all of the classes as below.
Design a class named ‘Person’ to model the person details. The class should hold the following: -
• Fields/attributes - name, ic number, email.
• Constructors to create a Person object cither with a given name or an unknown name in which it should be set to No Name. You should have at least 2 constructors.
• Methods:
o all ‘getter’ & ‘setter’ methods;
o display method to print out the details of a Person object.
Design a new class named ‘Student’ that derives from ‘Person’ to represent a student record. The class should hold the following additions/changes:-
• Field/attribute - student number, program, cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
• Constructors to create a Student object either with a given CGPA or an unknown CGPA in which it should be set to 0.0.
• Methods:
o all ‘getter’ & ‘setter’ methods;
o display method to print out the details of a Student object.
Question 2:
Develop a program that includes all the classes and a driver program.
In the main method, creates an array to store 50 students’ records.
Your program should provide the functions such as:
1. Allow user to create a new student record.
2. Set the CGPA for a student record based on a given student number.
3. Print the details of a student record based on a given student number.
4. Print the details of all student records stored in the array.
There is no limitation for the interface or menu design.
What to submit (onh softcom)
Each group should assign one member to submit the assignment.
Each group should submit a report in pdf format containing the following:
• A cover page as provided in Canvas.
• Class diagram as described in Question 1.
• The complete programs for all the problems in Question 2.
• Description of the programs with some screenshots of the running program and explanation.
You may zip the documentation and source code into one file. This file should be submitted electronically via the link provided on the Canvas for the module.
• You are allowed to complete this assignment in a group of Maximum 3 (THREE) members.
• This work worth 20 marks.
• 0% for late submission regardless of any reasons.
• 0% for both groups if you arc caught copying/plagiarism.