Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1
Interview with an Entrepreneur
Type: Week 6 – In class presentation
10 to 15-minute Group* presentation
Learning Outcomes:
a. Identify factors leading to entrepreneurial success
b. Develop a critical and practical application of
Design Thinking processes
c. Work effectively in teams and individually
d. Develop and critically evaluate entrepreneurship success factors.
Students must interview an entrepreneur and conduct a classroom presentation of their findings. The presentation must be no less than 10 minutes, and no longer than 15 minutes in length. The presentation must be conducted during the week 6 lecture.
The presentation must identify the theoretical concepts of the personality, characteristics and traits of an entrepreneur which was covered in class. You then use the findings of your interview to discuss these theoretical concepts, by stating and rationalizing:
Why you agree or disagree with the theory covered in class, relative to the entrepreneur you interviewed. (Theory means anything your lecturer discussed using slides or in-class discussions, plus additional research you conduct on the topic). The choice of a subject is yours but the following guidelines should be observed.
*Group presentation is the preferred delivery format however individual presentation may be a consideration after consultation and discussion with the lecturer
• The presentation must be based on a personal interview, although it may be supplemented from recording sources.
• The entrepreneur may be a relative, friend, or someone you have contacted specifically for this exercise. (You lecturers will assist you if the group is unable to find an entrepreneur to interview).
• The entrepreneur must be someone who has started a business or who has bought one, which somebody else started, not somebody who has inherited a business or become a manager of a business started by somebody else.
• The presentation must give an outline of the subject’s career and/or whatever businesses were involved and must focus in particular on the personality of the entrepreneur and his or her own perception of why they started their own business.
• You must provide a contact telephone number for your entrepreneur in order to aid verification.
The presentation slides must be submitted electronically. Where there is evidence of plagiarism, the presentation will be immediately deemed to have failed.