Recent Question/Assignment

Select one of the challenges for HRM from the list below, or select your own (check with your tutor before progressing if you choose to select your own). Select an industry or occupation with which you are familiar. Undertake research on your chosen challenge, aiming for a balanced range of research from academic journal articles (AJAs) and popular media (such as podcasts, websites, practitioner publications, etc). When using popular media as a source in an academic assessment task, give consideration to the integrity and rigour of the source.
Given what you have learnt about the challenge from your research, and your knowledge of your chosen industry or occupation, reflect on a) how that challenge has changed/impacted on HRM in that industry and b) how you think that challenge will create further change/impact over the next decade.
Prepare a memo in which you discuss your response to the above task. Ensure you support your discussion with references from your research utilising APA referencing. As this is a reflective memo, you are encouraged to write in the first person.

• Recruiting in a global labour market
• Managing performance of remote workers
• Rewarding employees for their output instead of input
• Retaining staff in skill shortages
• Managing the dark side of technology
• Managing the virtual workforce and/or in the virtual workplace

Ensure you read this ‘A1 topic book’ on Moodle before commencing this assignment.
Word Limit: Two pages (excluding reference list) - MAXIMUM
Value: 20%
Presentation Requirements: Memo format - template provided in Chapter 2 of this book. Please refer to Assignment Layout and Appearance Guidelines and General Guidelines to Writing and Study Skills (particularly pp.30-35).
Estimated return date: Two weeks after submission
Marking Criteria: Refer to marking rubric
Use 50 – 70 for intro
50- 70 for background research
250 words for question 1
250 words for question 2
50- 70 words for closing paragraph (showing actions you are suggesting for the benefit of the company