Recent Question/Assignment

One word document containing 2 journal entries.
The first journal entry must comprise a reflection on the tutorial activity of the ’My professional community engagement map’. You may use your own mind map or one collaboratively created with other students.
The second entry must be a reflection on a fellow student’s object from the Tutorial 2 activity of the Pop Up Museums. If you miss this tutorial, you may use YOUR OWN OBJECT to analyse.
The word count of 500 words includes IN TEXT referencing of sources (Author, Year, p. x) but does NOT include the reference list. Harvard WSU style is the required referencing format for the unit.
In each of the journal entries, you should reflect on any of these topics: the importance of community engagement in your discipline or field; how to recognise community identity; and how to talk about identity and culture through memory, objects and conversations.
You need 2 academic references in total for this assessment, from your reading list or other scholarly sources of your choice. You may use more, but no fewer than 2. You can allocate one ach to each entry or use both for the first entry: it is up to you. Each entry will have one picture: in journal entry 1, the figure will be a photo of the poster or map of community engagement made by the student or group during the first tutorial; entry 2 will have a picture or pictures of the chosen object (a fellow student’s object or own if easier).
This assessment must be submitted online via Turnitin only (i.e. no email copies).
This is a compulsory assessment, which means that you must complete this assessment before you are eligible to pass this unit, regardless of how many marks you earn. That is, in principle, you could achieve over 50% in the unit, but still fail if you do not submit a compulsory assessment.
In journal entry 2 of your portflio, on the Pop-Up Museum, you should reflect upon the following: the breadth of cultural backgrounds that make up your student group, and the ways that cultural difference can be a resource for developing strong, positive and innovate community ventures. How can conversations about culture and community structures be initiated through material culture and memory?
Your journal will need to have at least 2 scholarly references chosen from the reading list (see learning guide) or elsewhere.
You can use theoretical concepts to describe what a community is, how you understand it, and so on.