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Instructions to Student
General Instructions:
This assessment provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate that you can encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector uilising specific sceanrios.
You are to read the scenario in this assessment task and respond to the 5 questions which relate to this scenario.
Information / Materials provided: Students are provided with an Assessment Template which is mandatory and is located in the Toolbox on Connect.
Assessment Criteria:
To achieve a satisfactory result, your assessor will be looking for your ability to demonstrate the following key skills/tasks/knowledge to an acceptable industry standard:
• Work within the range of public sector legislation
• Identify legislative protections for disclosers of unethical conduct
• Identify weaknesses in policy relating to the public sector
Number of Attempts:
You will receive up to two (2) attempts at this assessment task. Should your 1st attempt be unsatisfactory (U), your teacher will provide feedback and discuss the relevant sections / questions with you and will arrange a due date for the submission of your 2nd attempt. If your 2nd submission is unsatisfactory (U), or you fail to submit a 2nd attempt, you will receive an overall unsatisfactory result for this assessment task. Only one re-assessment attempt may be granted for each assessment task. For more information, refer to the Student Rules.
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Instructions for the Assessor Students are required to respond to each and every question and provide appropriate referencing throughout their assessment.
Note to Student An overview of all Assessment Tasks relevant to this unit is located in the Unit Study Guide.
You are a Protective Service Officer at the Bracken Ridge Hospital which is part of the North Brisbane Hospital and Health Service (NBHHS). You are appointed an authorised person and security officer under sections 164-165 of the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (Qld). Your role is to ensure the safety and security of people on health service land and to enforce a range of legislation that is relevant to your role.
You are patrolling the grounds of the hospital with your colleagues, Protective Service Officer Michael Farias and Senior Protective Service Officer Marcus Deiley, enforcing the smoking legislation.
* Please note that the Bracken Ridge Hospital and North Brisbane Hospital and Health Service are fictional and have been created for this assessment only. For the purposes of this scenario the North Brisbane Hospital and Health Service is established under the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 (Qld).
1. Which legislation do you think applies in this scenario? Explain the main requirements of this legislation in relation to this scenario.
2. Does breaching the North Brisbane Hospital and Health Service Smoking Policy breach the Code of Conduct for the Queensland Public Service? In your answer you must refer to specific sections and justify your response.
3. There are frequent changes to workplace policies, guidelines and legislation relating to smoking on health service land and the public sector generally. Name three strategies that you will use to maintain your knowledge of these.
4. Note: In Question 4(a), 4(b) and 4(c), one of your options under the NBHHS Smoking Policy is to issue a Warning Notice. If you decide to do so, you are to complete the Warning Notice located in the Supplementary Resources on Connect. You are to use the details provided in the scenario and make up any details not provided.
a. You are patrolling near the Rehabilitation Unit and observe a staff member, Operational Services Officer David Bogle, smoking in the courtyard of the unit. What legislation applies, and what action will you take?
b. Later in your shift you observe an elderly female who is smoking outside the Emergency Department. She is sobbing uncontrollably and is being comforted by two nurses. When you move closer, one of the nurses approaches you and informs you that the elderly female has just lost her husband who has passed away in the Emergency Department. What legislation applies, and what action will you take? Please refer to the NBHHS Smoking Enforcement Procedure in your response. This is located in Supplementary Resources.
c. Just before the finish of your shift you are called by Protective Service Officer Matthew Marshall who is training. He has witnessed a staff member smoking in full uniform approximately 10 metres outside the boundary of the hospital grounds. The staff member is wearing a jacket that says “Bracken Ridge Hospital Intensive Care Nurse” on the back. Matthew believes that the staff member should be issued with an Official Warning because they are smoking in uniform in full view of the public during their shift. Discuss with Matthew your interpretation of what legislation applies and what action you recommend.
5. You are approached by Noel who is a hospital cleaner and is halfway through his first day working at the hospital. He asks you what the consequences are for smoking on the hospital grounds because he has heard a rumour that the penalty is instant dismissal. What advice will you give Noel about the consequences of breaching the NBHHS Smoking Policy?
Checklist for assessment 1:
Do not submit your Assessment until you are able to tick all of the boxes on the table below. If you have any questions about the checklist please contact your Teacher.
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Proofread for spelling, grammar and punctuation? ?
Used headings and sub-headings where appropriate? ?
Used the Harvard Referencing Guide provided within Connect to appropriately reference in-text?
Used the Harvard Referencing Guide provided within Connect to create a Reference List and Legislation List on the last page of your assessment?
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